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10:48 11/10/2019

The new pictiva 1.1 PCB's arrived earlier this week; just waiting on some submin electrolytic caps to arrive. The new boards have on-board 3.3v regulation, better filtering of power lines and improved display connector footprint.

18:35 13/09/2019

The Pictiva problem was cured, more or less; the problem was partly bad socket joints and also the 74LCX245's fail easily if the 12V power is shorted to the 3v3 rail! On the new version of the interface board, the connector outline will be changed and an LD1117 LDO regulator fitted to take 5v from the Arduino and convert it to 3v3 on the board.

16:21 25/08/2019

I soak tested the Pictiva display for over 3 days, when they stopped working..built another interface board, but still no display! changed Arduino, rewrote the sketches...I have to redo the interface PCB layout, as the socket connectors are too hard to solder reliably, and the hold-down lug lands don't fit the the smd sockets that I have.. Maybe the 74LCX245 chips are not quite right..

11:17 18/08/2019

At last, the pictiva display is working with Arduino via my Interface PCB!

Arduino with Pictiva OLED Display

Part of the problem was with the display connectors, very fiddly to solder by hand, the interface is parallel via the 74LCX245 buffers at 3.3 volts, the inputs are arduino 5 volts..

The smd led on the pcb is to remind me to provide the 3.3V and the 9V for the oled display!

17:20 05/07/2019

having another crack at the Osram Pictiva H0150 OLEDs while I wait for my ArduPSU PCBs to come from JLBPCB in Shenzhen.. I might have to write a library for it, the existing Arduino ones are old and not for this model. It would help of course if the data sheets were consistent/correct in their pinouts of the device! I have fried at least two of them, and would rather not let the magic smoke out of anymore!

15:27 07/04/2019

now using local JQuery..

got some little I2C OLED displays yellow top cyan bottom screen..using U8G2 arduino lib for my Kieser timer - a work in progress!

09:00 14/01/2019

using JQuery to include common menu stuff..much nicer!

16:47 04/01/2019

fixed some messy menu code, used my Arduino-based stepper tester for debugging my little 3D printer; turned out the problem was extruder gear related.

11:31 18/04/2018

still looking at odd Firefox messages..it insists there are unsecure elements in the page; I can't find them...
This is my prototype tester for old Pictiva OLED displays; needs a bit more work.. Arduino with Pictiva OLED Display These displays were made by OSRAM and have been superceded a while ago, but they were cheap and projects I have seen using them look very fine. Eventually I may use it in my ArduPSU (more to come on that..)

08:45 13/03/2018

trying to fix Firefox complaint msgs...

13/08/2017 16:05:25 AEST

editing from eeyore on Mint!

9:25 AM 25/01/2017

The original(?) Ardubot from Sparkfun...

I have one which I intend to finish one day!!

3:37 PM 24/01/2017

This is my new(ish) local arduino-related page

more stuff to come

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