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11:31 18/04/2018

still looking at odd Firefox messages..it insists there are unsecure elements in the page; I can't find them...
This is my prototype tester for old Pictiva OLED displays; needs a bit more work.. Arduino with Pictiva OLED Display These displays were made by OSRAM and have been superceded a while ago, but they were cheap and projects I have seen using them look very fine. Eventually I may use it in my ArduPSU (more to come on that..)

08:45 13/03/2018

trying to fix Firefox complaint msgs...

13/08/2017 16:05:25 AEST

editing from eeyore on Mint!

3:37 PM 24/01/2017

This is my new(ish) local arduino-related page

more stuff to come

Arduino boxes